Concerning Agape-Sophia


“Agape-Sophia” (ἀγάπη~σοφία) is the name of this website. Many of you may be wondering what it means. It is an ancient Greek word that I have made up myself (so not that ancient, and not that greek either). It is formed of the two words Agape and Sophia. Why? And what is Agapesophia?


It is a disease with which I have diagnosed myself. It comes from a word that my articles will focus on mainly – philosophy. ‘Philosophy’ as a word is hard to define because it has so many fields it is applicable to. Google gives this definition however:






the study of the fundamental nature of Knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.


It concerns itself with three main fields: Epistemology (How do we know things?), Metaphysics (Why/What are things?) and Ethics (What is good?). The questions I gave to illustrate the subject of the field by no means of course cover all of that with which the field concerns itself. Furthermore, we have the Philosophy of Language, the Philosophy of Mind, etc. The general picture is – hopefully – clear by now, namely that Philosophy as a study has an immensely big field in which it is useful. This is because it focusses on logic and critical thinking, which are hugely important in any given situation. As Plato (a Greek Philosopher) wrote in his ‘Apology’: “The unexamined life is not worth living”, with which he means that everyone should critically evaluate what (s)he believes in order to live a fulfilling life. They should practice Philosophy.


So how did Agapesophia come from Philosophy? Philosophy comes from the ancient Greek word philosophia, with ‘philo’ meaning love and ‘sophia’ meaning Knowledge: The Love of Knowledge. Now, the Greeks had a lot more words for ‘Love’ than we do currently. They distinguished between multiple kinds of love, each with its own word. Sources disagree whether they distinguished between four or even six kinds of love. There is for example Eros, or sexual love; Philo, or brotherly love – and Agape. Agape was often seen as the greatest of all loves. It encompassed charity, and the unconditional and unchanging love that “transcends”. Christians have used it to name their love for God. It is this word I chose to replace philo to describe the condition I suffer from. It is the Love of Knowledge, but it is more than that. By using philo one equates himself with Knowledge – yet when using agape one places Knowledge above oneself and creates a sense of craving. An undying love, and with it, a never ending craving for Knowledge.


It is this position I find myself in. The craving for Knowledge, the never ending hunger. I suffer from Agapesophia.


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